Omi Beef Story | Japanese Wagyu from Farm to Table

What makes Japan’s top wagyu beef brands so popular?
Kobe Beef. Matsuzaka Beef. Omi Beef. These are the top three wagyu brands in Japan historically but in the last 20-30 years Japanese Wagyu brands have really increased. This episode starts the Omi Beef, a Kuroge Wagyu Story. We track the beef back to the ranch in the Omihachiman area near Lake Biwa.

New ONLY in JAPAN Channel Trailer

Welcome to the new John Daub * ONLY in JAPAN! The channel was actually started in September 2011 a few months after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Following that disaster, I volunteered up in Tohoku to help people recover when when I returned to […]

New John Daub * ONLY in JAPAN Channel

On June 26th, the John Daub * ONLY in JAPAN channel becomes the newest channel in the ONLY in JAPAN series. It is a channel I created in 2011 after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami and it has now become my home for the a new generation of video content about stories in Japan.