Shinjuku Restaurant Tour Experience | Sushi, Wagyu, Tempura & More

Eating out in Tokyo is an adventure, especially in Shinjuku – Tokyo’s busiest area with over 3.5M people going through Shinjuku Station daily! There are over 1500 restaurants around the station serving food like Sushi, Wagyu Beef, Yakiniku & Shabushabu, Tempura, Yakitori, Ramen and with so many options, it can be very hard to pick a good one, especially if you don’t speak Japanese.

How JAPANESE TOYS took over our World

Toys from Japan have always been innovative, from the 1954 Godzilla movie on, character toys sparked the imagination of generations. From cinema and TV, the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s brought us Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Super Sentai and many others still popular today.

Japanese Armored Racing since 1323

There is an event in Japan that has continued uninterrupted for 700 years! Since the age of Samurai, the Soma Nomaoi (相馬野馬追) festival has started summer in Japan’s north since 1323, an authentic look at ancient Japan in