Japanese Green Tea has a lot of health benefits, but did you know the water temperature can change a lot of those – and significantly alter the taste?
This time, I travel to Fuji City in Shizuoka to visit 2 green tea masters called “cha-shi” who will tell us how to make the perfect cup and how to control the taste with temperature, explain the benefits – and how to get the most out of each drop!

Varieties of Fuji, Shizuoka Green Tea in Japan

Varieties of Green Tea in Fuji City
① Sencha
② Fukamushi Sencha
③ Kukicha
④ Bancha
⑤ Genmaicha
⑥ Houjicha
Note: Gyocha (Matcha is stone ground Gyocha) are typically grown in Kyoto.

Fuji Area Cycling Guide
Honda-san’s Marumo Tea Garden
Yamadaien Green Tea Shop

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