Every Centenarian I talk to, people who are over 100 years old. tell me one of the things to a long life is visiting a Japanese hot spring or onsen regularly. It’s one of many things but I wanted to know why and how hot springs can not only make us look and feel younger but help us live longer. I traveled to Nakanosawa Onsen, Tsurunoyu Onsen and Tamagawa Onsen to look at how special the waters are, geothermal heated spring water full of natural chemical compounds and minerals. Is there more to it than just soaking in a bath?

Numajiri Motoyu, source for the hot spring water to Nakanosawa Onsen 7km away

Part 2 (^_^)/ Watch Life Where I’m From with Greg and I for another side to this story:
▶︎ https://youtu.be/1a295p7LzKE
Thank you Greg for driving most of the way, helping me when I feel into the bath, taking the smaller top bunk and being just a good friend, always.

Driving to Fukushima from Tokyo with Greg (Life Where I’m From) for the Onsen shoot