ONLY in JAPAN created and produced by John Daub is back after a month off with the 2nd season this week. This special episode has channel news and updates about the changes to the series. The channel also hit a milestone, passing 100,000 subscribers! Today you’ll hear from viewers in the community from around the world.

00:00 Start 00:25 What happened? 01:14 100,000 Subscribers! 01:29 How often are episodes 01:55 Videos in 4K or 8K? 02:43 Big channel projects 03:30 Viewer’s say ONLY in JAPAN 03:57 ONLY in JAPAN call-in show 05:11 Tokyo Summer Games live 06:55 Meet the Audience! 16:01 Who is Toby the Crow? 16:43 What’s a YouTube Creator to me? 18:13 International meet-ups 18:42 Conclusion