Before the season of giving comes the season of wrapping and in Japan, they do it fast! Speed wrapping is part of the culture when shopping but what might surprise you the most is how Japanese UNWRAP!
In this episodes we’ll visit Ginza’s Mitsukoshi to see how they do it. Before that, we visit the fastest mochi shop in Osaka and maybe the world, Kiyasu Sohonten where they can wrap a gift in 13 seconds with ribbon.

Before Japan used wrapping paper, they used cloth called Furoshiki. To make gifts special, they still use Furoshiki today and we’ll visit Karakasaya in Nigyocho.
Finally, we’ll head to Yoku Moku in Omotesando, Tokyo for some Speed Wrapping training and techniques from professional gift wrappers.
Thank you to Minori Maeda, CEO of Yuibito for her expertise in wrapping and her amazing attention to detail. We learned so much from her.

▶︎ Kiyasu Sohonpo (Mitarashi Dango Speed Wrapping) (Japanese)
▶︎ Yuibito Gift Wrapping 株式会社結い人 株式会社結い人
▶︎ Yoku Moku ヨックモック
▶︎ Karakusaya (Furoshiki) 唐草屋 Kyoto and Tokyo stores
▶︎ Mitsukoshi Ginza Department Store