The Hot Food Vending Machine Park in Sagamihara is one of the best places to see Japanese Vending Machine history – machines range from the 1950s to today. The owner, Saito-san has been collecting and repairing old vending machines since 2016 to please waiting customers at his tire business, and his hobby has become a treat for everyone who wants hot food served from a vending machine.

Japanese Hot Food Vending Machines are becoming extinct.
Since its peak in 1985 when 250,000 food machines were all over the country, it’s rare to find one these days.
The reason: Convenient Stores. The quality and price has gotten to the point where the machines are obsolete.

Where is the Sagamihara Vending Machine Park?
MAP: Used Tire Mart Sagamihara Store Food Vending Machine Corner 中古タイヤ市場 相模原店 自販機コーナー
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Thank you to Saito-san for sharing his passion with us. I made 3 trips there to get to know the machines and it was worth it.