Hiroshima’s modern history is well known, the atomic bomb dropped at 8:15am on August 6, 1945 destroying nearly everything in a 4 mile (7 km) radius. It also took out 108 of the city’s 122 street cars run by Hiroshima Electric Co known as Hiroden. Believe it or not, only 72 hours after the bomb was dropped, Hiroden had repaired 3 stations near the bomb’s hypocenter and was running service to passenger on August 9th.

We’ll ride Tram no.653 and examine Tram no.651 which was derailed and burned out, now back on the street shuttling passengers, the grandchildren of Hiroshima residents. We will also talk to the then 14 year old conductor who is not 92 about her experience, surviving the bomb and going back to work just 3 days after the Atomic Bomb. It’s an unforgettable story and a new way to learn about the tragedy of Hiroshima during WWII, through the eyes of its public transportation.