Japanese Wagyu Beef is one of the most tender steaks in the world, A5 ranked Kobe Beef may be the most famous Wagyu brand in the world, this Snow-aged Wagyu Beef from Niigata may have it beat. There are 350 Wagyu beef brands through Japan’s 47 prefectures and this time we’ll focus on another aspect of Wagyu that impacts the eating experience – aging.

There’s Wet aging which is the most popular in Japan.
There’s dry aging which is rare with Wagyu because it requires cutting away a good percentage of the meat which is already quite tender. Then there’s snow aging which aged in a Yukimuro – Japanese Snow Cellar – for a month.
High humidity, constant 1℃ / 34°F even in the height of summer.

The snow packed around the storage unit is preserved until the next packing in March. How does Snow-aged Wagyu Beef taste? How do you cook it?

Is it really better? Watch the episode to find out.

Snow aged Wagyu Beef company: 🥩 https://www.uoshoku.co.jp/en_ybeef/
Restaurant Tsubamesanjo Bit: 📍 https://goo.gl/maps/U4wWJ6eAhEVE4zhT7
Thank you for Chef Akiyama and Uoshoku for the help to make this episode.