Iwate Legend of Cabbage Man

Japan is a country with some of the best food in the world, certainly not exclusive to Tokyo or Osaka! I hope you’re hungry because I’m traveling 550 km north to Iwate Prefecture (岩手県) in the Japanese countryside to stuff my mouth with as much good food as I can!

Tokyo Capsule Hotel Experience

Japan’s Capsule Hotels are more than cheap places to crash. This type of hotel is distinctively Japanese in style, cramming in as much as possible into a tiny space to make a comfortable experience, but can a guest really be comfortable in one?

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Lunch Experiment

Hiroshima is one of Japan’s top destinations, and when you’re hungry, you have to try okonomiyaki. Hiroshima has it’s own original style, and it’s not so simple to make. John travels to Okonomimura, a building full of Okonomiyaki shops

Super Escalator Adventure

Japan’s escalators are a microcosm of Japanese society — uniqueness and creativity, but we also see Japan’s politeness, manners and even customer service all on moving steps. In this episode, we travel to Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Kawasaki to see some of Japan’s amazing escalators! […]

The Naked Man Festival

On one of the winter’s coldest nights in Japan, you will find 10,000 screaming men running the streets around Okayama’s Saidaiji Temple naked except for a thin loin cloth. It’s one of the most unusual sights you can see in Japan — and it’s also […]