80% of Japanese High School students prefer uniforms. It’s the opposite to western countries – but why?
Japanese School Uniforms are an important part of the country’s culture – students associate it with their youth.
But why do school have different styles, how have uniforms evolved the last 100 years? How much do school uniforms cost in Japan and what do students need to buy? What are the rules for Japanese school uniforms?

From Harajuku to Okayama Minami High School we’ll visit the factory where they make them and ask what’s popular and why.
Japanese High School Students in Uniform

We’ll visit the KANKO Uniform factory in Okayama for a tour inside as they make a Sailor Fuku outfit from factory to classroom. High school students also like to wear uniforms outside of school and there is a market for non-school uniforms for their cuteness and style. We’ll join some uniform models in Harajuku, Tokyo and ask them what the latest Japanese youth trends are as well as why they prefer school uniforms to their own clothes.

00:00 Start
00:55 Inside Japanese High School Classroom
01:20 What’s so special about uniforms?
01:42 Girl’s Sailor Fuku Uniform
02:15 Boy’s School Uniform in Okayama
03:27 Why some don’t prefer uniforms?
03:51 Why Japanese Love School Uniforms
05:35 School Generational Divide on Uniforms
06:48 Inside School Uniform Factory
07:05 Sailor Fuku Uniform History
10:35 School Uniform Costs in Japan
11:10 Uniform Production Schedule
11:46 School Uniform Trends
12:16 Harajuku, Tokyo – After School Uniforms
12:44 What’s in fashion now?
13:23 She likes Ribbons!
14:19 Gakuran, Student Uniform
15:28 Japanese School Uniform Rules
16:04 USA & School Uniforms?
16:49 What do you think?