Tokyo is one of the world’s most exciting cities, full of entertainment, restaurants, jobs, people. Why would anyone leave this for — the countryside? Kochi prefecture is on the far side of Shikoku, famous for its mountains, rivers, forests and Pacific Ocean coast, all packed into one place. The population in decreasing, towns are decaying, but there’s a plan. We’ll visit Nyodogawa, talk with experts Alex Kerr and Violet about what more rural towns can do to attract people to see the immense beauty and leave the city in the digital age when it’s never been easier to say good bye to — Tokyo.

▶︎ Ken Mukai’s Brewery BLUE BREW in Yodogawa, Kochi: MAP:
▶︎ Rogier Uitenboogaart’s KAMIKOYA Washi Paper Studio Stay & Experience MAP:
▶︎ Alex Kerr – Author, Japanologist and more!
▶︎ Violet Pacileo, CrossFit in Kochi, Japan: