It’s important to have moderators and make sure the chat is not becoming a place for hate, disruptions, spam and requests. The chat is a fun place were you can talk with me and other viewers. The moderators have been doing this for a long time so please understand they’re managing a lot of chats coming in and have to make decisions quickly. How you react determines the path they take.

* No SPAM (don’t frequently repeat the same message.)
* No ALL CAPS messages.
* No self promotion.
* No begging for shout outs.
* No discussion of illegal activity such as drugs, vandalism or organized crime.
* No objectifying or degrading comments about John, his guests or people seen in stream.
* No politics or political discussions.
* No deprecating remarks of country, ideology or person.
* Immediate bans will be issued for racism, threats, hate speech, fear-mongering, intentional disruptions of chat and inappropriate usernames.
* Don’t argue with or complain about the moderators. Ignoring warnings from the mod team, including subjects not specifically listed here will result in a ban.

Thanks for understanding. For 99.99% of people, there is never an issue. So when one occurs, it’s rarely the moderators fault. I’m not the judge and jury. I must trust the people moderating and any problems are discussed and we work at it, always trying to improve and make the chat a fun place for anyone to talk about Japan.
As of December 2020, NIGHBOT has started to automatically moderate to help with the lifting and you may be moderated by nightbot. It it is in err, the bot will learn and we will keep working to make it better. And if nightbot is reading this in the backgrounbd of th edigital world, we love you nightbot, please don’t ban me!