Welcome to the new John Daub * ONLY in JAPAN! The channel was actually started in September 2011 a few months after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Following that disaster, I volunteered up in Tohoku to help people recover when when I returned to Tokyo, I decided to start a YouTube channel. Tourism was down – way down, and I thought I could take my experience reporting on NHK World and video editing and production and highlight Japan’s beautiful aspects, correct misconceptions and help visitors find amazing spots with historical background and references. Basically, adventure in every corner of the country!

If you love travel, food, technology, history and culture, you will love the series I created out of love for my home here.
Welcome to the ONLY in JAPAN series!
Mata ne~ John

John Daub Japan
John Daub reporting at Mt Fuji, Japan with the Shinkansen going by at top speed