World’s Most Beautiful Starbucks: Toyama vs Kyoto

Where is the world’s most beautiful Starbucks? Japan, of course.
In Toyama city’s Kansui Park is a shop that has won awards for it’s design, but it’s also the location that makes it beautiful. Those big windows overlook a lake in a park, the building resting upon grass, surrounded by sakura trees. The fresh air off the sea of Japan and the beautiful sunsets over the nearby Japanese Alps can’t be forgotten. I could sip a hot cappuccino all day here.

But wait! Starbucks newest shop in Kyoto (Ninenzaka) is a traditional tea house that looks centuries old! It’s hard to tell it’s a Starbucks until you see the sign. Inside, it’s like going back in time. You definitely feel Kyoto’s historical vibe sitting on tatami sipping macha tea … lattes. This may also be the world’s most beautiful shop.

Hakodate in Hokkaido is home to what many consider to be the “coziest Starbucks in the world”. It’s got a fireplace, wide open rooms and stairs, natural hard wood floors and a beautiful deck that overlooks Hakodate Bay. It’s super cozy!

Yeah, visiting Starbucks is certainly one attraction for many visitors because it seems more than just a chain coffee shop. To me, it a reflection of the world around us — and a really good cup of coffee.

LOCATIONS featured in this video:
★ Toyama Kansui Park
★ Hakodate Bayside
☆ Shibuya Tsutaya
☆ Omotesando / Harajuku Tokyu Plaza
☆ Okachimachi
☆ Tokyo Yaesu Sakura Dori
☆ Akihabara
☆ Ueno Onishi Parek
★ Kyoto Nineizaka Yasaka Chaya

Historical note: The first Starbucks in Japan was opened in Ginza in 1996 and is located here.
It is being renovated until August 2017.



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