Tsukiji Fish Market: Tuna Auction and Breakfast Odyssey

The world’s largest fish market is one of Tokyo’s biggest attractions.
Tsukiji is set to move to a new location soon so we went for a visit this month. Here is where we went.

★ Tuna Auction 04:00 to 05:00
★ Outer Market 06:00 to 09:00
☆ Tuna Shop 08:00
☆ Make Your Own Breakfast 08:30
★ Inner Market 09:00 to 10:00
(Note: Photography and Video is prohibited inside the inner market until 09:00 every day.)

Why is Tsukiji Tokyo’s biggest attraction?
Maybe it’s because it’s not a tourist attraction at all. This is a real market where many of Japan’s best sushi chefs get their ingredients.
It’s raw and real.
Tsukiji is essentially a city within a city. It has its own way of doing things.

Waiting for the Tuna Auction at 04:30 in the morning at Tsukiji

There are many rules to visiting Tsukiji.
You should wear long pants, boots (if you have them – the floor is wet and full of fish guts), and you should be considerate of people’s privacy, especially the sushi chefs shopping. The security guards have no trouble tossing you out at the gate!
Photography is prohibited until 09:00 for privacy concerns. They are quite strict about this in the inner market.
Should you eat at Sushi Dai? If you like waiting in line to eat the same fish at restaurants all around the area, go for it! There is no quality difference between restaurants in the inner market and those on the outside – all the ingredients come from the same place.
We went into a stand in the outer market to see and yes, it was great!
Morita-san from Tsukiji Sushi Workshop prepared a kaisendon for us but getting the ingredients from around the market! Cheap, good and fast!
You will need:
* a bowl
* rice
* soy sauce and wasabi
* seafood from the market you like

Morita san prepared a kaisendon from fish he bought in the market
Morita san prepared a kaisendon from fish he bought in the market

You can get good maguro (tuna) at stands int he outer market as well as inside. It’s all fresh!
There are a couple of places with free benches to sit and eat.

Free use table in Tsukiji's outer market
Free use table in Tsukiji’s outer market

No haggling / bargaining in Tsukiji. The price is the price.

Our guests for this episode are:
Greg Lane, founder and editor / writer for TokyoCheapo.com
URL: http://tokyocheapo.com
Morita Hirobumi, head instructor for the Tsukiji Sushi Workshop
URL: http://tsukiji-market.jp
Andrew Tang, HinoMaple founder and Tokyo guide
URL: http://hinomaple.com

tuna auction ia Tsukiji. Arrive by 03:45 if you definitely want to see it. It's first-come, first-served to view it.
tuna auction ia Tsukiji. Arrive by 03:45 if you definitely want to see it. It’s first-come, first-served to view it.


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