Sushi may be Japan’s most popular food. There are all kinds of sushi — high end to cheap, high-tech conveyor belt sushi to supermarket and convenient store sushi. There’s nigiri, maki, gunkan, narezushi, temaki …
It’s all pretty good and each offers a unique experience, but add this one to the list. Micro Sushi The sliver of fish is rested on a 1/3rd sized grain of rice. My guess is that it’s 1/300th the size of normal sushi since the rice is only 30% the size of 1 full grain! It requires special chopsticks to position it and a real challenge for any sushi chef. There’s a reason why Chef Yuki Sugeta created Micro Sushi 30 years ago — and that reason is one I didn’t consider!

▶︎ Where is Takasago Sushi 高砂寿司 ?
It’s best to call ahead and reserve.
The chef can speak English 🙂 +81 3-3729-0842

Note: Micro sushi is only served when the restaurant is not busy. The best time is when it first opens around 5pm. It’s not on the menu – a very special dish.

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