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  • Japanese Onsen Bath Experience

    Japanese Onsen Bath Experience

    Grab your towel because it’s time for an epic Japanese onsen bath adventure! We will explore 12 Onsen Towns, hopping from one to another as a “bath tourist” around Fukushima. Naked outside in the snow? It’s part of the fun! […]

  • Inside Dogo Onsen: Japan’s Mystical Bath House Tour

    Inside Dogo Onsen: Japan’s Mystical Bath House Tour

    In Japan, bath houses are everywhere, but none are as mystical as Dogo Onsen. Sure, it’s a place where you get naked with a bunch of strangers to clean yourself and relax in therapeutic waters, but what makes this public […]

  • Mt. Fuji at the sento local public bath house

    Japan’s Public Bathing Exposed: The Naked Truth

    I remember when I first came to Japan and a new Japanese friend invited me to a sento, a public bath. My first thought was “WTF dude! I’m not going get naked with you in the same bath and pretend you aren’t […]