Purikura Photo Sticker Booth Adventure

Forget the selfie! It’s time to discover the Japanese Purikura Photo Sticker Booths. It’s hard to compete with the almighty smart phone these days, but the purikura “print club” booths have evolved into a US$50M a year industry and a place were one can be beamed into the professional model fantasy world  – if only for 10 minutes.
Girls love them. Guys? Not so much, but hey – purikura are ONLY in JAPAN and it’s certainly something everyone should try when visiting.

★ Dressing rooms
★ Props and costumes
★ High quality lens and digital cameras
★ Pop music in the photo booth
★ Studio quality soft lighting
★ Loads of photo enhancements like soft skin tones, large eyes, longer legs and the eternally young glow.

The usual price is 400 yen and the purikura experience takes about 10 minutes to complete from start to finish.
The steps seem to be:

★ Pick a booth and pay
★ Select the photo shoot corse
★ Photo shoot
★ Editing
★ Choose the layout
★ Get your photos and online digital copy

Note: Some machines send you on photo digitally for free and ask for a monthly fee of 315 yen to access the rest of the photos.
Please careful of these. Once you join, they can be challenging to cancel.

Purikura is about the experience as much as the pictures.
As photography technology evolves in Japan, what was once a trend in 1995 has turned into one of the best ways to mark your own personal history. Definitely stop in and take a purikura when in Japan.

Purikura no Mecca, Shibuya / プリクラのメッカ
Website: http://プリクラのメッカ.com/
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/JLopdrPjEmp



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