Mos Burger: The Japanese Burger Experience with extra OMOTENASHI!

Recently, I got a chance to produce a video with a fantastic team to highlight Mos Burger’s famous “Mos Burger” (the one named after the restaurat) from my own point of view.
You see, in Japan, there is a concept called “Omotenashi” and it’s hard to see for some people sometimes, especially foreign visitors to Japan.

mos burger omotenashi

What I saw was really special.
1) The way the staff returns the change to you at the register. They put the coins on top of the receipt and their own hand under so you don’t spill it.
This is the first example of omotenashi I had at the restaurant.
2) The way the make the burger: there are a lot of little details put into the thought of making it that enhances the taste for the customer.
The temperature of the layers is very important! The bun is heated, the meat (hot), the sauce and onions (cold), the meat sauce (very hot), the tomato slice (cold) and the bun on top (hot).


Look at the way the staff uses their thumb to carefully place the tomato on top. It’s the only way of that hot sauce will flow all over your fingers … and that sauce is the hottest thing in the burger!


Of course it’s more than just the burger. What did you expect?
Omotenashi is loosely translated as “service” but really, it’s much deeper than that.

So, back to this production.
In the spirit of ONLY in JAPAN, I put together my thoughts on the Mos Burger experience.
Watch the video and you can stop reading 🙂

The OMOTENASHI おもてなし campaign lasts through May and June of 2015.
Campaigns come and go so here’s a screenshot for the historians.





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