Kyoto Street Food Guide: Nishiki Ichiba Market

You’re in Kyoto and you want to eat traditional and very cheap local food? NISHIKI MARKET is the place to be! It’s called “Kyoto’s Kitchen” for a reason – if it’s famous and eaten in Kyoto, it’s here.
Nearly every shop selling food has either free samples or a stand where you can buy food on a stick! Street food here ranges in cost from 170 yen to 500 yen.

In the episode, John Daub and Kevin Riley go on an eating rampage though Kyoto’s Nishiki Ichiba Market near Gion-Shijo. The market dates back to the year 1310 and is steeped in history and Japanese delicacies. Join us on our food tour through Japan’s cultural center.

Not far from Nishiki Market is Higashiyama Kiyomizu 3-chome where you can also find a lot of traditional street food such as fresh off the grill senbei (rice crackers) and green tea ice cream!

Things Eaten in this episode:

★ Eel Liver (Unagi no Kimo)
★ Tofu Donuts (Brown Sugar and Soy Bean Powder / Kinako)
★ Green Tea Warabi Mochi
★ Boiled Japanese Pike Conger Eel (Hamo)
★ Baby Octopus Egg Heads on a Stick
★ Green Tea / Uji Matcha Ice Cream


Kyoto Nishiki Ichiba Market (Japanese only)
Google Map:
Open from 10:00 to 18:00 except Sundays

This show has been created and produced by John Daub ジョン・ドーブ. He’s been living and working in Japan for over 18 years and regularly reports on TV for Japan’s International Channel



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