Kit Kat Chocolatory Shop in Ikebukuro

I dropped by the Kit-Kat Chocolatory store in Ikebukuro’s Seibu Department Store this week.
I had heard a lot about it, especially since Kit Kat’s are quite popular in Japan for their amazing(ly wierd) variety of flavors.
In the past, I’ve tried wasabi, green tea, chilli pepper, ginger ale, soy sauce and Hokkaido potato. I’ve event tried to new pudding flavor which is best served grilled. Nestle knows when they have a good things going. It was time to open a premium “boutique” store dedicated to the Kit Kat. Well, it’s also the place where they test out original flavors.

kitkat ikebukuro


SEIBU Department Store in Ikebukuro is considered the world’s largest, and it’s easy to get lost in the subterranean corridors which also connect to the station.
★ It’s in the basement on the south side
★ B2 Level. (SEIBU FLOOR MAP in ENGLISH: other languages: )

kitkat seibu ikebukuro

South side of Ikebukuro Station

Photo May 22, 11 25 43

You can get there from the subway without going outside. Follow the signs for SEIBU Department Store.

Photo May 22, 11 16 17

It’s in the back corner of Seibu’s basement.


Let’s start by what they do NOT have: everything.
The selection is limited to 4-5 flavors and they’re packaged in premium boxes. They are usually “test” flavors but somethings the fan favorites appear like green tea.
Each box is pricey. About ¥400 get’s you a box of 4 small packages with 8 waffers.
I bought the Chilli Pepper flavor and was surprised at how little I got for my money.
Was it worth it? I don’t know. How much do you like Kit Kats?
For me, I’d rather buy a the regular Kit Kat at the convenience store and add chilli pepper to it, but the novelty of it is interesting to try once.

kitkat seibu variety

Photo May 22, 11 23 03


At the time I was there, they were serving a limited quantity of their grilled pudding Kit Kats on “premium” soft-served ice cream.
Limited to the first couple hundred people for a cost of ¥600.

Photo May 22, 11 24 06



The shop is more like a booth.
It’s got a place where people can line up. While lining up, you get a chance to see their mini museum of Kit Kat history. (I wonder if those bars are really decades old?)
You get a little basket to put all your Kit Kat treasure in and a nifth Kit Kat bag to walk around the station in style.

kitkat ikebukuro seibu

kitkat history


The Kit Kat bag with all your treasure inside.

kitkat bag

There is even a KIT KAT Chandelier and other KIT KAT knick-knacks.

Photo May 22, 11 22 33

Photo May 22, 11 22 54


Super premium Kit Kats?


Photo May 22, 11 23 37



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