Japan is known for sushi, ninja, Mt. Fuji, and the bullet train but let’s not forget ーJapan is an island! In fact, Tokyo has some of the best scuba diving in Japan in an area known as Ogasawara, the Galapagos of the East. It’s a 24 hour ferry ride from the city into the Pacific, 1000 km (600 miles) away. Since it’s only accessible by boat (no flights) it’s become a paradise for scuba divers with marine life and amazing visibility that will make you rethink leaving your scuba gear at home!

★ Where is Ogasawara? It’s in Tokyo! (sort of)
Chichijima is the main island with port and most diving is down from town.

★ How to get to Ogasawara
By Ferry (tickets)

In this episode I dived with FISH EYE
URL: https://www.fisheye1997.com/diving
They have a hotel with meals and several dive packages.

How Much is Scuba Diving in Japan?
2 Boat Dives 16,800 yen ($150)
Full Scuba Gear Rental 6,480 yen ($60)

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Special thank you to Ogasawara Tourism Association:

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