Japan’s oldest market is in Kochi prefecture (Shikoku) and has been going on for over 390 year. t started in the Edo period when a Feudal lord set it up so citizens could get everyday things for life like fruits and vegetables, clothes and blacksmith goods. Today, the tradition is the same. Farmers, bakers and craftsmen from all over Kochi drive into the city every Sunday morning before 5am to set up their stand to sell. Most vendors are seniors, some over 90 years old!

Kochi Sunday Market is also famous for having very good vegan food options which is not very easy to find in Japan.
Vegetarians will fare well here but vegan’s must still ask about ingredients like dashi (fish soup stock used in cooking).

This is an amazing variety of vegetables sometimes fermented on a bed of rice like nigiri sushi.
Vegetables you’ll find include MYOGA (ginger), SHITAKE mushrooms, TAKE (bamboo sprouts), Konnyaku, RYUUKYUU Potato Steamed Stem

We also eat
▶︎ Deep fried sweet potato tempura
▶︎ Potato mochi with anko
▶︎ Kochi iced tomatoes
▶︎ Vegetable chips
▶︎ Yuzuaid (like lemonaid but – it’s Yuzu)


Check out Chiara Park Terzuolo book:
Tokyo Vegan Guide 2018: The Plant-Based Foodie’s Guide to Japan’s Capital

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