Japan in India: Otaku World Order no.18

In this episode, we go to India to check out the Otaku movement.
An “Otaku” is someone who is obsessed with something in particular — like a mania or a maniac — but outside Japan, it’s used to categorise people who love Japanese anime and manga or subcultures.
In Mumbai, LEAPING WINDOWS Comic / manga cafe is getting as colse as you can get to Japan’s mangakissa. It’s a place where young Indians hang out and share their love for US comics and Japanese manga.

MAC members

MAC or Mumbai Anime Club have the headquarters here and in the basement, we discovered a load of treasure from Japan!
They have loads of good stuff in English!

They also take part in cosplay competitions around India.
MAC members make their own costumes too. It’s the way they show their love for this Japanese subculture. They’re extremely creative, too!

My cousin is also into Japanese manga and drawings.
I asked him a few questions about this and he showed me his work. He definitely needs to work harder to get to the next level, but his enthusiasm for Japan and it’s modern art is very strong.

Yes, there are otaku EVERYWHERE these days and India, with it’s growing population and expanding economy, is definitely a place that’s only getting more popular for Japan’s subcultures.



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