Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Lunch Experiment no.19

Hiroshima is one of the top destinations for foreign visitors in Japan because of it close proximity to Miyajima Island, it’s peace park and museum and the small city feel full of super friendly people.
One thing you can’t miss while visiting Hiroshima is OKONOMIYAKI (お好み焼き). In the center of the city, there’s a building that houses only okonomiyaki restaurants! It’s called Okonomimura and it is THE PLACE to try so many varieties.
Each shop has it’s own recommended way to eat it.

okonomi12 okonomi13

Unlike Osaka’s okonomiyaki, Hiroshima’s version is more like a layered pizza.
Osaka’s is like a pancake where all the ingredients are thrown into the batter. Both varieties are good and super cheap.


I didn’t think I’d be able to make a Hiroshima style okonomiyaki because it requires so many steps, but after trying it out, I found that’s it’s not as hard as I thought.
It’s full of vegetables and good stuff — especially the tangy sauce! I love the sauce!!

Okonomiyaki Layers
Layers 1-6: batter pancake, cabbage, moyashi sprouts, negi. pork, and tenpura bits
Okonomiyaki Layers 2
After flipping layers 1-6, I grilled yakisoba and put those layers on top of the crispy yakisoba.
After that layers with yakisoba simmer down, I put it on top of a layer of egg.
Okonomiyaki sauce
I flipped it all again with the egg up then added the tangy okonomiyaki sauce! Love the sauce!
Okonomiyaki Served
I added some green onions and pink ginger for color then served it up. 1080 yen for this feast!
Okonomiyaki grill
The final okonomiyaki looks like this. Eat it off the grill with a spatula or on a plate with chosticks although the first method is done by locals.
Okonomimura shinchan
Thank you to Shinchan shop on the 2nd floor for the lesson and chance to film this episode! It was fun!

Toppings are usually extra, just like a pizza. It’s worth getting negi (green onions) and seafood [as one of the ingredients].

Check out Okonomimura!



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