Hiroshima, August 6, 1945. It’s a day that changed everything. The atomic bomb decimated the city, killing nearly all nearby the blast. Fast forward about 75 years later, and Hiroshima is now a beautiful city, resurrected from the ruins of the post war period. Near the hypocenter is the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park and Museum and across the river, the A-Bomb Dome which sits as it did, destroyed after the bomb in ruins. We’ll look at the area around the hypocenter and see old video footage from 1945 after the bomb. We’ll also meet a witness who will describe in detail the horror he saw as he volunteered to help in Hiroshima on August 7, 1945, the next day.

We’re now in the 4th generation since the bomb was dropped, those that were kids who could remember are now in their 80s and 90s. Yuji is a 3rd generation Hiroshima resident since the bomb and he wants to share the city of Hiroshima so people don’t forget the past. He learned a lot from his great uncle who told him stories as a kid of the horrors of that day and how the city rebuilt. Another reason is that he wants to teach his son so he can pass on the stories from his family who were alive nearby on that tragic day. They’re now tour guides in Hiroshima.

At age 92, Yuji’s great uncle shares his story of the day he will never forget. He lived in Kure city near by, saw the mushroom cloud and went into the city to help. His account is graphic, the scene is grim and real.

The city cannot erase it’s past but it can move on and write the next chapter in its history and I think that is where Hiroshima is today. Tourism to the city is increasing, many international visitors stop by Hiroshima to understand what happened on that day, pay their respects, and tours like the one with Yuji and Magical Trip I took is a way to understand just how much the city changed that day and how it’s re-invented itself since. I hope you can feel something for Hiroshima and if you are in Japan, it’s a must visit destination.

★ Hiroshima Peace (Heiwa) Walking Tour can be reserved here: https://www.magical-trip.com/product/… Note: The tour takes about 4.5 hours. Child tour guide assistant may not always be present during tours.

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