Japan has a problem. More and more tourists are visiting but very few of them leave the trail between Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima. Well, one company has a plan to help revitalize Japan’s aging and declining population and countryside. Using Japanese Pop Culture to turn heads and bring attention to one of Japan’s most beautiful and relatively unknown spot in Kansai, Awaji Island.

Awaji Island has no train stations. There is very little tourist infrastructure. What do they have? Rice paddies, onion fields, lots of green hills surrounded by the sea — and now, Hello Kitty!

Recently opened Hello Kitty Show Box is a strange sight from the air. It’s surrounded by farm pastures and well, just doesn’t seem to fit, which is why it’s perfect! It’s 100% and unequivocally ONLY in JAPAN!

Where is the Hello Kitty Show Box?
URL: https://awajiresort.com/hellokittysho…

We stayed at the Grand Chariot for a night.
The Hello Kitty Smile is a shirt trip from the Show Box on the coast. Thank you to the Pasona Group for the help, talking about their plans and ambitious goals to help revitalize a beautiful area of Japan.
Keep up the great work!