Follow Live Map of Tokyo Trains / Subway

Tokyo is full of trains. The city is always moving and so is this map!
I discovered “tetsudo now” just last week and I find myself looking at it often in amazement.

鉄道NOW / “Tetsudo Now” URL:

Here’s an animated gif on how it looks.

Animated Gif of Tetsudo Now in action!
Animated Gif of Tetsudo Now in action!

I asked myself if it is actually live and the trains are really in the place that they seem.
After checking it out for a day, they are … sort of.
It seems to use the train schedule along the route, and since trains almost always run on time, it’s 99% accurate.

I told my friend that I was leaving Tokyo station yesterday for Shibuya and she was able to track me the whole way.
The problem was that when she took her eye off the map, she lost me in a sea of trains!

I don’t know how useful a tool this is for you, but it’s a way to see the scope of Tokyo’s train system and wonder in amazement how all these moving parts seem to work without delay or accident.

Here’s a small english explanation of use of the area setting menu. You can search other areas besides Tokyo, but you should know the Japanese kanji of the city you’re looking for.
Osaka is noted. Kyoto, Nagoya, Yokohama is to the left of Osaka in that order. Kobe to the right.
The time schedule setting can only be adjusted by the hour and not the minute for it’s not so useful.




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