Eating Ramen in Japan is always delicious and in Tokyo, you’ll find a chef that wants to give his customers a new kind of bowl. Koizumi Takao is a ramen chef the looks for beauty in his creation. Nature inspired him to make his famous Blue Ramen which is like the ocean or the sky. The question — Is this ramen any good?

▶︎ WHERE is this Ramen Shop? Ramen Kippōshi, Shibuya, Tokyo

The Blue Ramen is a Shio (Salty) Chicken based broth with chicken chashu steak, negi (welsh onions), garlic, hanjuku tamago (soft boiled egg) and chicken oil.
What’s the blue color? It’s a chef secret but he says it’s all natural.
If you’re in Shibuya, definitely stop in for a try. It’ll make you feel something new for these noodles – like being in Hawaii or Ogasawara in the Pacific!

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