Cherry Blossom Mania: Around Tokyo [Part 1] no.6

Published on May 13, 2013

【ONLY in JAPAN #06】

▽▲Cherry Blossom Mania: Around Tokyo (Part 1) ★ ONLY in JAPAN #06▲▽
Don’t miss this! Knowing the cherry blossoms (sakura) is to know Japan itself. Their beauty comes quickly and is short lived — falling from the tree after only 10 days. The samurai lived knowing their life would be short, and that spirit is in each cherry blossom.
Called “mono no aware” which is deeply rooted in Buddhism, Japanese have a strong connection to all things. The beauty felt for the sakura is deep. Mono no aware is also an important factor in how Japanese connect to manga, anime and things important to them.

In this episode, John travels around Tokyo taking in the cherry blossoms spots, investigating hanami (cherry blossom viewing and picnicking) and talk with some hanami-goers. Why is there such a big celebration for the cherry blossoms in Japan?

In Part1, we will visit Yoyogi Park, Hachiko Crossing in Shibuya, a cafe “Harbs” serving sakura cake, Inokashira Park.



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