Aomori NEBUTA FESTIVAL Experience

This past summer, I participated in the Nebuta Matsuri and documented my experience in an episode.
This is by far my favorite summer festival in Japan and I have attended 3 times over the years — maybe a 4th next year! It is really worth the trip to Aomori.

How do you participate in the parade?
* Go to Aomori, rent or buy a haneto yukata and line up / join the parade at 18:45. It’s easy to find a place to dance in the route and it requires a haneto yukata.

Where to rent the costume / Hanato dancer yukata?
* There are so many places around the station and the Nabuta route that rent haneto yukata for 2500 to 3000 yen a night. Return them when the nebuta finish.
* You can buy a complete set with hanagasa hat for 12,000 yen.

When and where to line up?
*There are designated floats and arewas where ANYONE can join if you have a haneto yukata. There are also places reserved for special groups but it’s very easy to learn where to go. Just go and people will tell you.

Where to stay for the Nebuta in Aomori?
* Free campsite nearby!
* If you want t a hotel, book at least 3 months before.
*The are love hotels, hotels in nearby stations or karaoke booths you can stay  and sing (and sleep) the night away.

This year STAR WARS Nabuta were featured. Check out Luke, Yoda, Vader and more in the Japanese Nebuta style in the video.
It’s all in here with some history and background to one of Japan’s top summer festivals.



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