Anime Song DJs part 2 no.11

Published on Jul 23, 2013

Around the world, Anime has a large audience and is widely recognized. Fans of anime are dedicated to the art. They’re passionate about their love for anime and take that passion to the next level after hours. The Anime Song DJ is a growing and exciting new trend in Japan where anime songs are mixed, often with the anime playing on a screen.

In this episode we go to the exciting new event called AniCrush!!! the newest Anison DJ event that is bringing together the international and Japanese communities.
It’s a foreigner-friendly event created by Xavier Bensky with the intention of spreading the love of anime and music to the world.
We’ll also take a close look at otagei, a dance unique to otaku often performed with light sticks wielded like Star Wars light sabers!
It’s awesome! Check out dancer “hachimitsu bear” as he demonstrates the THUNDERSNAKE and AMATERASU moves!

More on AniCrush!!!

Patrick W. Galbraith and John Daub continue from the last episode on Anime Song DJs. Don’t miss this exciting episode!



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