Anime Song DJs no.10

Published on Jul 8, 2013

Around the world, Anime has a large audience and is widely recognized. Fans of anime are dedicated to the art. They’re passionate about their love for anime and take that passion to the next level after hours. The Anime Song DJ is a growing and exciting new trend in Japan where anime songs are mixed, often with the anime playing on a screen.

In this episode, we’ll look at how this is expanding in Japan. We take you to Raizeen in Nakano, an Anime Song DJ bar that lets people give it a try. Later in the evening, we head to Roppongi and get a feel for a fusion of anime song DJing and the Roppongi style. The worlds are colliding bringing together Otaku and the Roppongi club crowds.

Helping John navigates the opening is Patrick W. Galbraith, author of Otaku Spaces and The Otaku Encyclopedia. Xavier Bensky, creator of AniCrush!!! And a big Otaku himself gives us his personal insight into the Anime Song DJ world.



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