Air Sword Martial Arts: Sports Chanbara (SPOCHAN) in Japan

Japan is home to a lot of martial arts, many of which John can not physically do. However, there’s one he can – SPOCHAN! It uses air swords and doesn’t require a big financial investment. Basically, that means not only will you survive a blow from a sword, you can dish them out without being arrested.

spochan fight

What is Chanbara:
Japanese sword play is called Chanbara and it’s not only a sport, it’s an art best seen in samurai movies. Chanbara is an important part of the choreography in movies like Star Wars and Kill Bill, and a big example of Japan’s own cinematic influence on Hollywood.

In this episode, John will enter the world of Spochan (Sports Chanbara) and we’ll run through these topics:

★ The weapons
★ A Spochan Tournament
★ A quick lesson from a world champion
★ The rules
★ Street Fight!!

spochan weapons
International Spochan Association
Spochan Official Website (Japanese)



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