ACDC Rags in Harajuku

Our shoot for “Harajuku Fashion: Takeshita Street Adventure” no.12 was a lot of fun!
What made the shoot memorable were the staff at ACDC Rags who not only help us out with the shoot by letting us film in their shop, the company president Doi-san also told us about the long history of Takeshita and his own business from the early 1970’s.


A lot has changed over the last several decades!
Currently, Takeshita Street is undergoing a lot of changes. This is a good thing — buildings were old and there was a little nervousness about safety if a big earthquake were to ever hit.
New stores are popping up fast, but so are the prices for rent. Small businesses have trouble staying on the main street.
The old, which is part of the street’s personality needs to be preserved somehow.


Although the original ACDC Rags store at the front of Takeshita looks out of place, it’s a reminder of the changes going on and the longer the shop stays there, the more we remember how far youth fashion has come!
Takeshita was known as a place to experiment on new fashions, what worked and what failed.
Here’s a rough timeline of influences through the years. There are more influences than these listed.


1960’s — Disney and American Influence
1970’s — Hippy Fashion
1980’s — Surfer Fashion Crazy
1990’s — Trends of Shibuya’s 109
2000’s — Hip Hop, Lolita, Gothic start to fuse together
2010’s — International Brand Shops


If you’ve never been to Harajuku’s Takeshita Street, I recommend going on the weekdays of on the weekends between 09:00 ~ 12:00 before the crowds.




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