「Only in Japan」 is a show created by John Daub on 12/2012 with the tagline “Japan from the Inside Out”.
The purpose of the show is to highlight Japan’s uniqueness from a foreigner’s point of view and explain it using history, culture and humor.
The “outside world” has a lot of misconceptions about Japan. That’s normal since Japan has had its own distinctive culture for centuries, much of it closed off to the rest of the world. As an “outsider” living in Japan for over 16 years, I am still surprised at what I find in this amazing country, and showing the audience not just Japan’s uniqueness but explaining those surprises is a real mission.
You never know what’s going to happen next! The “what” is the entertainment and the “how and why” is what makes the show informational and educational.

The show philosophy is simple:
(1) Create the highest quality show possible
(2) Inspire viewers with a compelling story and make it entertaining
(3) Research the topics thoroughly to educate viewers about Japan
(4) Do the best we can to build a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world
(5) Respect the viewer’s intelligence and build on their curiosity and desire to learn more about Japan

In 2013, the show has been featured as part of WAO<RYU>JAPAN, Japan’s first Subculture Internet Broadcast channel on YouTube.
16 episodes
12,000 subscribers
56,000 views per episode
900,000 total views

In 2014, the show is independently produced by John Daub and Weblish Media Ltd. Many show themes are the result of fan feedback. If you’ve got an idea, I want to hear it !

John Daub Maid Cafe NHK
John Daub reporting for NHK World’s TOKYO EYE location shoot in Akihabara about Maid Cafes (2009)


ONLY in JAPAN debuted on February 28, 2013 on the WAO <RYU> JAPAN channel and ended it’s first pilot season on 10/2013.
「Only in Japan」successfully completed its run with WAO <RYU> JAPAN and has begun to focus on a wider variety of topics around Japan.
The show is the intellectual property of John Daub and Weblish Media Ltd. (Tokyo) and is starting it’s first season of shows in 2014.
The new season will be formatted for internat and TV broadcast. Internet Broadcast: 5-10 min segments TV Broadvcast: 22-minute episodes created around a general theme using the short internet broadcast segments.
For exemple, a report on Japanese sento (public bath houses), a report on onsen (spa resorts), a report on snow monkeys bathing in Nagano and a report on Japanese homes with high-tech bath tubs can be put together to make a “BATHTIME IN JAPAN: THE NAKED TRUTH” episode for TV.

ho is John Daub?

The show’s creator and producer is John Daub who is a regular reporter on NHK’s TOKYO EYE program since 2008 has reported from the top of Tokyo Tower and Mt. Fuji to the side streets of Akihabara and the basements of Shinbashi Station. Even the maid cafes couldn’t hold him back from giving an entertaining report. Adding humor with entertainment not only makes the program stand out, it inspires and encourages viewers to take an active interest in Japan.

Teaching junior high school students in Okazaki, Aichi-ken in 1998
Teaching junior high school students in Okazaki, Aichi-ken in 1998

John came to Japan in 1998 and taught English to children. In 1999, he became a part of the company’s headquarters and helped failing schools turn around. This led to traveling and living in 16 different cities in Japan from 1999 to 2004. Japan may look small but each region is quite diverse with its own dialect, food and culture. Japan is more than just Tokyo and the first half of John’s life in Japan was spent away from the capital.

Hitchhiking Japan in 2003. This was at a truck stop in Okayama on the way to Hiroshima.
Hitchhiking Japan in 2003. This was at a truck stop in Okayama on the way to Hiroshima.

In 2003, John hitchhiked the length of Japan from Wakkanai in the north of Hokkaido the Kagoshima in the very south of Kyushu. “I think the best way to understand Japan is to go out there and just see it. Experience it. Meet the people and ask a lot of questions while trying everything!” This is the basis on which「ONLY in JAPAN」was created.  

Climbing Mt. Fuji for Tokyo Eye in 2010
Climbing Mt. Fuji for Tokyo Eye in 2010

akashi2011 fuji2010 tokyotower2010 tokyoeye_studio tokyoeye_hooters
(Akashi Kaikyō Bridge report for NHK World’s “Destination Kansai” / Mt. Fuji Climb for “Tokyo Eye” / The very top of Tokyo Tower to change the lightbulbs for “Tokyo Eye”  / The Tokyo Eye studio at NHK / Shoot at a restaurant in Tokyo) ONLY in JAPAN @ TOTO Shinjuku Showroom
ONLY in JAPAN @ TOTO Shinjuku Showroom
For the opening scene of the show, I used a kimono from Asakusa.

This is the kimono used for the opening scene of the show.


Each 22-min show is cut into 3-4 segments that can also be used for internet broadcast.

「ONLY in JAPAN」 is currently looking for program partners.
If you like the 15 trial shows on the website, there’s more where that came from! Contact John for a sample DVD and prospectus.