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  • Pepper the artist at pepper tech fest 2014

    Japan’s Robot World Unleashed: They’re Here!

    Robots in Japan have entered the next stage! From science fiction to THEY’RE HERE right now standing next to you! Soon, everyday life will have some kind of robot in it. Let’s take a look at what’s here right now […]

  • Animated Gif of Tetsudo Now in action!

    Follow Live Map of Tokyo Trains / Subway

    Tokyo is full of trains. The city is always moving and so is this map! I discovered “tetsudo now” just last week and I find myself looking at it often in amazement. 鉄道NOW / “Tetsudo Now” URL: Here’s an […]

  • John Daub and Joseph Tame dance with Honda's ASIMO at the Welcome Plaza in Aoyama, Tokyo.

    Japan’s Amazing Robots: Honda’s ASIMO, UNI-CUB and the Robot Culture

    John Daub and Joseph Tame go on location to Honda’s HQ and Welcome Plaza in Tokyo to meet ASIMO, one of the world’s most famous humanoid robots! The ASIMO project isn’t just about building a robot. From this research, Honda […]